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Having a bad day sort of feeling down and depressed and lonely  needing company or to get out of the house . Just one of those day I want to lay down and cry  or cuddle with someone alone  . all I have to say right now is BLAH .
 I decided to take a small break from making jewelry and focus on  work on making plushies for while I guess I am feeling uninspired to make any new jewelry I feel like I am making the same thing over and over again and I feel like no one appreciates my jewelry like they use to .  
Sorry I haven't been on in like forever I been so lost with in my own thoughts its hard to think straight sometimes. I been do a lot of soul searching  and I'm still trying to figure things out on a day by day basis. Its hard for me sometimes to think clearly enough for thoughts or ideas to form yet I still carry on for reasons I don't understand my soul feels lost  .  Who knows maybe I'm as crazy as they say I am .
Hey people as you can see I been  bust out a lot of jewelry lately I will be adding more in days to come . I also do custom made jewelry so don't be afraid to ask. I will also be making some more steampunk items not sure what yet but I know it will be just a amazing as my other steampunk stuff. I will also be doing some photo shoots  so keep our eyes on my page
I all know you all noticed I took my steampunk stuff down and were probably wondering let me explain I was into a really bad spot so to speak and didn't want to show my beautiful creations to the world for awhile all cause of one person.  Thanks to a very good friend of mine whom I look to when I am felling stuck and lost without a cause or purpass  but thanks to her creative vibe I am back on track . I am feeling recharged and ready to create . Look for my new stuff as it comes.
It was another magical evening where the moon draped the twilight sky.The sun and the moon dance the dance of romance. See how the twilight lovers embrace before anyone can notice their tender kiss. The stars come out to run and play on top of milky white clouds that linger in the mist of the ocean waves. As I watch it makes me dare to dream and to wonder of all the things that mortals miss. But at last it is a dream inside my head an illusion played out by my minds eye.I will never know where the path leads that stars and cloud made except into a world no one well ever see except me or those I paint this enchantment for.
She awakens my demons with her touch
She whispers thier name's in my ears
She brings my demons to life with her kiss
She awakens my one true self
She call's out my name in the dark
She controls all but my mind
She is everthing to me
She is nothing at all
She lengers in my dreams
She stands before me in the mirror
She is me
It was yet another long night within the darkness.  Laying here awake watching the darkness creep in deeper and deeper into my room. I feel as though the darkness will never end.  Then from out of the darkness I hear a faint distant voice calling my name . I sit up in my bed looking into the dakrness trying to figure out who is calling me name from inside the darkness . I call out  "Who is there " but get no reply. I think to myself (Am I going crazy ?) here inside the darkness . Then I hear the voice yet again calling to me from within the darkness.